Last night the brightest and most beautiful joined together to celebrate the 2011 Screen Actor’s Guild Awards.  I was tuned in and ready to scream at my TV screen as I watched the red carpet arrivals, but surprisingly, there was not much to be angry about (um, except for you Jane Lynch… wtf?).  All I can conclude from this is that these sexy starlets must be reading WhyDid.

Great Whites:

Let me be perfectly clear… I am not, by any means, saying that I love all of these dresses. I am merely pointing out how dead on I was with white being the new black.  While Winona looks like a crazy runaway bride, Natalie was absolutely breathtaking (not to mention she finally heeded my advice about embracing her baby bump).  The ladies in white looked like real life angels on the red carpet.

Hote Hues:

Nothing makes me happier than seeing young hot Hollywood embracing color.   From juicy tangerine shades, to shocking pinks, to spring’s hottest stripes, these ladies nailed it.  They took these saturated shades on with a vengeance.

Under the Sea:

From deep navy to patterned hues of green and blue, these ladies put the Little Mermaid to shame.  Each dress encompassed a different feeling, but all embraced beautiful ocean shades and flattered the ladies who dared to wear them.

Subtle Shades:

If you know anything about WhyDid, you know that I love shades that are slightly off white– bonus if they include a bit of shimmer.  Each of these lovely ladies embraced a bit of both.  I can’t help but wonder if the girls of Glee didn’t plan to look equally as stunning in these subtle hues.

While I was looking forward to some red carpet calamities, I’m now actually looking forward to the red carpet of the Academy Awards.