So, last week our friends invited us to join them for dinner at Xino located inside of Santa Monica Place. I had yet to check out the newest shopping center in Santa Monica (I know… lame) so, I was pretty excited. Now, let’s just go ahead and be clear that the dining in this “mall” is not that of the typical suburban shopping center. Santa Monica went all out with their fine dining.

Xino is located on the top floor of the shopping center along with several other restaurants. It has both an indoor section which is decorated with modern furniture and art as well as a large outdoor section. We were seated outside in our own personal “cabana.” It was a bit chilly, so the heat lamps were cranking and we all huddled for some body heat.

Honestly, I don’t have a whole lot to say about this place. The portions are served family style and it is Asian fusion… aka it was a poor man’s Philippe. Not a bad choice for mall food though. Order the lettuce wraps and steer clear of the shrimp.


395 Santa Monica Place

Suite 308

Santa Monica, CA 90401