As many of you are well aware, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show took place earlier this week.  Um, I can’t say I’m not a little bit taken aback. Since when did Victoria’s Secret start catering to butch lesbians? I mean, I’m going to need to go ahead and ask, “Who’s in charge here?” Can’t help but think that perhaps the creative director is an angry old maid living alone with her cats who decided that she wanted to make some of the most beautiful women in the world look like assholes.

To be clear, I am not by any means suggesting that Karolina Kurkova herself is “fugly.” That isn’t even in the realm of possibility, but this? What the hell is she? A “racecar driver”?  Trashy Lingerie does a better job of making slutty Halloween outfits, so let’s just leave it to the pros, okay? When can we get back to diamond encrusted brasieres and sparkly g-strings?