Well, wouldn’t you know? It’s that time again… and this week I’m not feeling as fluffy kitty and rainbow-y. So, here. we. go…

  1. If you’re going to write a HEADLINE… please at least spell it right. If you think that’s how you spell “loses” then you’re dumber than we thought.looooooses
  2. Loud, mouthy eaters.
  3. Lindsay Lohan is an asshole.
  4. Ali Lohan is also an asshole.
  5. Hypochondriac pet owners. Scout is going to be just fine, ma’am.
  6. Trailer parks
  7. Um, what’s the stink about Katy Perry on Sesame Street? I mean, shouldn’t wardrobe have caught that? And really… is it that bad? It’s about as risque as an ice skater or a gymnast. Do you let your kids watch the Olympics? Thought so.katy_perry_sesame_street_2010_300x400
  8. People who take the credit for other’s work.
  9. Okay then, I’ll spell it out: Todd Goldman
  10. Having to get out of bed when you just found the perfect spot.

And there you have it, folks. Do me a favor and stop getting on my nerves.