Yesterday on the drive to work, we tuned into the Ryan Seacrest show. The topic for this particular morning was a woman who had been dating a man for over a year and had yet to ever see his home. Um? He told her that he was fixing it up and remodeling it but did not want her to see it until it was totally perfect. Um?

They tried to trick him by calling and telling him he’d won free flowers and they could send the flowers to anyone he’d like. He requested to have them sent to the girl who called in with her concerns. Hm… So what was going on?

I mean, Ryan almost lost his %^&$ on this guy and I was right there with him. It just doesn’t make any sense as to why his “girlfriend” would not be permitted to see his home. It’s been over a YEAR. The gentleman insisted that he is just a very “private” person. Why this young lady was tolerating the situation is so far beyond me. Not only would I have not been okay with this, my antennas would have gone up. Does she have no access to a computer? A little internet stalking sure would do her some good. A couple swipes through Google, Twitter, and Facebook and she would have cracked the case by now. If all else failed, why would she not have just followed him “home” one day?

After a bit, Ryan opened up the phone lines to take some calls from listeners. One guy called in and said that obviously the man is cheating. Another woman called to say she had been through something very similar and lo and behold, the man was married. Finally, another woman called in and said she was in the SAME situation and that it was totally okay. What? %*^$!!??

This got me to wondering WHY on earth women tolerate such things? How desperate must you be to accept such crappy excuses? What do you guys think?

My vote? He’s a sociopath who lives in a meth lab with his mother and wife (which is obviously totally normal).