We all know that the internet is ruining our dating lives but are you spending your valuable time worrying about others’ web presence? I’ve spent my fair share of time internet stalking via Facebook and Twitter and good old fashion Google… but there’s only so many searches you can do online before you’ve become bored and run out of background checks to run. Below are some more useful ways to waste your time online.

  1. Look up something you didn’t know. Knowledge is power, my friends. I Google just about everything. I hate not knowing the answer to things and who doesn’t like to always win an argument? Nobody. Don’t try and argue with me.
  2. Read the news. Novel idea, I know, but some people are only up to date as to whether Jennifer Anniston is actually pregnant or not. Why not become worldly and have something more interesting than Jessica Alba’s new bob to talk about at dinner?
  3. Find out about your ancestry. I mean, this seems like a no brainer to me. Who doesn’t wanna find out that they’re actually related to the royal family of Paraguay?
  4. Shop. Another no brainer. I’m starting to think I may need to put “online shopping” as a “skill” on my resume. I really have a knack for it, but this is a skill that should be honed and can only be done so with hours of practice. Don’t have you size in store? Not a problem, pal. Just find it online and use the best coupon codes from websites like¬†Raise while you’re at it.
  5. Manage your finances. I guess this is a pretty funny thing to mention after encouraging you to shop online, but having a handle on what you are spending is very important. You never want to be worried that your card will be declined when trying to purchase those new Louboutins, so getting your bills and banking set up online is key to keeping yourself in check.

So put down the mouse and stop worrying about what Tommy did last weekend. (Yes, we know you’re totes hotter than his new gf, but who cares?).