Are you glowing like a young woman in love? Just radiating from the inside out with all the joy in your heart? No? Me neither. Luckily, for us, there’s a quick and easy way to fake that gorgeous glow. As mentioned before, I’m obsessed with Benetint to stain my lips and cheeks. Well, the people over at Benefit have really outdone themselves.



Benefit High Beam, $24

This little miracle in a bottle is perfect for adding some shine to your cheeks and brows to show off that perfect bone structure of yours. You can also go all out and blend over your entire face for that “dewy” look. Just don’t over do it. The point it is to look fresh faced, not freaky. This is a perfect pick me up when that cup of yerba mate is just not doing the trick. (I gave up coffee, remember?).

So, while you may not have a stomach full of love butterflies, at least you’ll look like you do. Don’t forget, like attracts like.