I have recently become obsessed with running/biking/skating at Hudson River Park. I’m lucky enough to live a hop, skip, and jump away and have been taking full advantage (and my butt thanks me for it).

Not that I need to bring a full purse worth of items with me on my athletic endeavors, but it sure would be nice to have somewhere else to shove my keys besides inside my sports bra. I mean, there really is nothing sexier than pulling out a sweaty clump of dollar bills when trying to pay for a post run smoothie. Ask the girls at Scores.

Enter the RackTrap.


The RackTrap is a safe haven for all items necessary when leaving your abode (ID, cash, keys). It fits comfortably in any size or style of bra and is totally washable and “undetectable” (until you have to reach down your shirt to pull it out). They also now have a special one just for us active ladies (which is allegedly sweatproof).

Well, thank goodness!  Now I can run in peace!