After strolling into one of my favorite go to neighborhood spots with my newly single and gorgeous friend last week, it became clear that the “crowd” had changed.  Gone were the typical older Europeans, men with strange mustaches, and cute 30 somethings.  Instead, there were tables of middle aged men in khakis.  We get it, you corporate guys like trendy places with pretty girls.  And we are happy to smile and thank you for the drinks you sent over.  However, do us a favor, try not to look so corporate.  Below are a few style tips for you fellas from my lady friends:

  • Please do not wear pleated front khakis (chinos). Ever. You should not own any pants that have a Docker’s label. And IF you INSIST on wearing them, or someone has mysteriously stolen all of your other pants, do NOT pair your chinos with a blue button down. Blockbuster anyone?


  • Do not attach your cell phone to the outside of your pants in one of those awful “holsters.”  That’s what pockets are for.


  • While you’re at it, remove the blue tooth from your ear. Who are you? Spock?


  • Carrying a backpack is also unacceptable.  We are no longer in 5th grade. Take a note from those Euros and get a nice man purse.




  • Shoes matter.  A woman can size you up in less than thirty seconds merely by glancing at your feet. Sad, but true.  I’m not saying you have to have the new Gucci loafers, but I am saying those clunky lace ups have GOT to go.


  • Don’t be douchey.  So many times I have seen men be nasty to pretty girls because they feel intimidated.  Just be kind and don’t take it personally if she tells you she “has a boyfriend.”  Being nice and funny can go a long way (even if you’re wearing chinos).