So, I am a firm believer that men should be men and women should be women. And I do believe that part of that is men spoiling women.  However, there a couple of things that women should be completely independent on.

Girls love gifts and those gifts can range from lingerie to diamonds to those shoes you’ve been lusting over.   Sometimes a guy may suggest a puppy.  Maybe he suggests he will buy you some breast enhancements.  Take the jewelry. Accept the shoes.  Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT accept the puppy or the boob job.

Both are great things to have, however, they are the type of purchases a woman should make on her own. Heaven forbid, you and the bf break up.  If he bought you the dog, he’s going to think he has some sort of right to the dog.  If he doesn’t straight out take the dog back, he will always use it as a string for communication. To keep your dog happy during such times you can go on to get CBD treats.

As for the boobs, you should probably think about what kind of boyfriend you have if he’s suggesting a boob job in the first place.  Also, you never want a guy throwing that back in your face.  He will always be able to say he owns a part of your body… and well, that’s just creepy.

So, in this case, max out the credit card. Buy your own dog. Buy your own boobs. Both are incredibly wise investments. You’ll get a good return on both.