Why Did You Wear That: Come On Ride The Train

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Never would I have imagined that I’d be a “commuter” at any given point in my life.  I remember scoffing at the folks who took the LIRR (Long Island Railroad) into work everyday in New York.  The only thing I’d ever used the LIRR for was to attend a baseball game (I think?) or to escape an especially creepy Hamptons House.  So, to be one of the “commuters” now is a bit of an adjustment for me, but as I’ve mentioned… my life is a whole lot different than it was a year ago. I chose a backyard and awesome house over the glitz and convenience of a city.  Besides… there is only one real city in the U.S.

While working from home does have its perks (Golden Girls marathons, dog on lap, wine for lunch), it had the following effects on me:

  • My brain was starting to atrophy from lack of stimulation.
  • I had nothing to complain about on “the list.”
  • I had not bothered to straighten my hair or apply makeup for over a month.
  • My nickname became “Rapunzel.”
  • I was like an anxious puppy when my fiance returned home and our sleep schedules were no longer in sync.

That is why I took an incredible job opportunity when it presented itself to me.  That and mama likes nice things.  So, yes, this is what has been taking my precious time away from you.  I spend my mornings and evenings on the Caltrain.  While this does give me lots of time to write and just be quiet, it also gives me lots of people watching.  People are weird.  I’ve seen people straighten their hair, clip their fingernails, and take their dogs into the restrooms on the train.  Why don’t I just drive you ask?  Because I lived in New York for the last five years.  I don’t like to drive.

In Northern California, it feels like it is perpetually spring.  Not the sunny warm bird chirping can’t wait to put on these sandals spring.  I’m talking about the phew the snow just melted but there’s still always a chill in the air spring.  Therefore, even when it’s sunny, it’s still always a little bit cold.  Layering is a necessary skill for survival here and a transitional wardrobe is a must.  Quite honestly, all of this seems unfair to me.  My mom has better weather in West Virginia right now… I want my money back.

1. Rick Owens Lilies Asymmetric Jacket, $705, 2. T by Alexander Wang Jersey Pocket Tee, $76, 3. Etoile Isabel Marant Hight Waisted Denim Mini Skirt, $255, 4. Love Quotes Hand Knotted Fringe Scarf, $88, 5. Banana Republic Colorblock Market Tote, $120, 6. Loeffler Randall Matilde Flat Boots, $695

All aboard.



WhyDid Wisdom: Know Your Role

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I have really beautiful friends. Always have. And they are legitimately beautiful- not just because they are my friends and I love them and they’re “beautiful on the inside” (which they also happen to be).  They are grade “A” stunners.

For instance, one of my friends has the most ridiculously amazingly long perfect legs. I wish I had a pair of my own.  Another one has Rapunzel perfectly naturally blond hair and universally attractive facial features. Another one with an ass you could rest your drink on and rock hard abs.  One who never has a bad hair day and has perfect skin (I doubt she even owns zit cream).  The list goes on.  Walking into a room with this group, the record stops and conversation comes to a halt.  The best part is, they hardly notice.

Though it’s always good to roll with a group of beautiful girls, at times, you may feel like the ugly duckling. Fear not, pretty girl, you have your place in the crowd. Rather than get jealous, as many girls do, or resent your friends for their natural beauty, figure out your own special features.  If you can’t compete with your friend with the gams, but you have some ample bosom, play that up. If you have beautiful shoulders and toned arms, show those off.  Chances are, your girlfriends covet one or more of your God given assets. And thank your friend with the booty for the free round of drinks that were just sent over.