Why In Gay Hell Wouldn’t I Get Waxed?

By |March 2nd, 2010|Guest Blogger, Why Don't You Watch?, Why In Gay Hell?|


Three weeks ago, I found myself in a conversation about male waxing. It was a funny conversation that left me with a few questions. The main one being are men getting their lower regions waxed? I mean, I am all about personal grooming- I get my hair did, eyebrows waxed, beard  trimmed, facials etc. With all of these services I am at total ease with letting the professionals take care of it, but the below the belt stuff I take care of myself. Until three weeks ago I was completely unaware that men could even get waxed..down there, at first thought I was horrified…I mean Why In Gay Hell would you wax your balls?

Well, after a thorough investigation into the world of male waxing , I found that it is much more popular than I thought. So, I decided…if everyone else is doing it, I want to do it too! (I mean, when in Rome…).

Now this is a  very delicate area to have waxed soooo I want the BEST and this led me to Face to Face Spa to meet a star in his field…. Enrique Ramirez. Enrique is a master in the field of male waxing (he is a master in all aesthetics actually) and he is also the owner of the spa. The male waxing services are cleverly named to sound less intimidating: full moon rising, crack down, south of the border, and my favorite, the marble sac and shaft! I decided on the crack down and the marble sac and shaft. I mean, go big or go home, right? The pain was minimal and well worth the results. I don’t know about other guys out there, but with shaving there is a lot of maintenance. With waxing, you’re smooth and hairless for a month- and when I say smooth I mean like a baby’s ass! The trick to getting waxed is finding a person you’re comfortable with. Let’s be honest, it’s very hands on (to say the least). Enrique is sooo professional and personable that the whole situation from start to hairless ass finish was a delight.

Now, of course, WhyDidYouWearThat and I had to video this journey and we have posted it below to share with you (probably not work appropriate – just a warning). it also has an interview with Mr Enrique himself! Sooo enjoy the video and ask yourself Why In gay Hell wouldn’t I get waxed?