How To Tuesday: Gone Fishin’

By |May 15th, 2012|How To Tuesday, Why Don't You Watch?|

fishtailThere really was no question what this week’s video would be after only two days of voting.  The fishtail braid was the overwhelming favorite from the start.  Luckily, I have a lot of experience in the department of fishtail braiding.  The first time I did a fishtail “how to”, the fine folks at Neihule Salon in Los Angeles were kind enough to walk us through.  I had never attempted to fishtail at that point in time and to be quite honest, I had lots of knots before getting the hang of it.  The fishtail, like many things in life, takes plenty of practice before perfecting.

celebrity fishtail braidSo, while you may not get the hang of it right away, I promise with a little bit of persistence, you’ll have it down pat.  Once you do, you’ll be amazed how simple it was all along.  I even find myself just idly fishtail braiding when bored.