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Setting the Mood: Prepare to Shine

new years eveThe end of another year is upon us and while many of us are excited about the prospects of the upcoming year, it is important to prepare oneself for it.  It’s hard to make room for new things when we carry the clutter from the past with us.  I felt it was really important this year especially to do a deep cleanse of my life before the clock strikes midnight.  In anticipation of the new year, here’s what I’ve been doing:

  1. Purge, Purge, Purge: From my closet to my contact list, I got rid of all things which no longer serve a purpose in my life.  Clothes with holes or stains have been put to pasture.  People who act as emotional terrorists have been put on block.
  2. Clean Slate: I scheduled a professional cleaning of my apartment and have freshly washed linens ready to put on my bed.  Laundry is being done.  Dishwasher is loaded.
  3. Tied Down: I went through my inbox and mailbox and made sure to tie up any loose ends and close up any unanswered correspondence. I also made sure there were no outstanding bills or invoices unsent.
  4. Prep Yourself: Scheduling a facial to slough off dead skin and a pedicure to dance into the New Year were the prefect ways to relax through the last few moments of the year.

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Setting the Mood: Double Up On Denim

denim on denim fashion editorialIf you live in America, you own a pair of jeans.  For whatever reason, this time of year feels very “Americana” to me.  The only thing I own more of than crop tops is denim.  Once I found a brand and style I liked, I bought it in every available color and/or pattern.  When it comes to cold weather, I start at the bottom (much like Drake), as in my jeans and then build my outfit around them.  This is why I often complain to my friends about having no tops.  But that is neither here nor there, as let’s talk about you and your denim needs.  Whether it’s the perfect pair of jeans, a chambray shirt, or a beaten up jean jacket, be sure to slip into something that feels more American than apple pie.

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Setting the Mood: Plaid to the Bone

plaid fashion editorialAs seen as one of the trend’s for this winter’s must have coats, plaid is a pattern that hasn’t (and isn’t) going anywhere.  Houndstooth, Glenurquhart Check, Windowpane and Tatersall, whatever your check of choice, be certain to include it in your winter wardrobe.  One might think I’d be burnt out on plaid after being forced to wear it for a greater portion of my adolescence, but the opposite is true.  Perhaps it holds a bit of nostalgia, or maybe it’s just a pattern that really never goes out of style.  While it can be worn in the straightforward fashion of a flannel or frock, it also comes in an array of accessories and the truly bold may be able to pull of mixing multiple tartans at one time.

burberry rain boots plaid

Burberry Shearling Lined Checked Cotton Twill and Rubber BootsIsabel Marant Matt Plaid Linen and Wool Blend ScarfMarc by Marc Jacobs Top Schooly Printed Leather Shoulder BagEquipment Shane Plaid Intarsia Wool Sweater



Setting the Mood: Nesting Season

style home interiorOn November 1st, the official hangover of Halloween, I peered out my window to see that the weather was just as miserable as my headache.  Grey skies, drizzling rain, cold, gusty wind, and an adorable dog who needed to empty his bladder standing on my chest and blinking down at me with his big brown eyes.  You haven’t experienced selfless love until you’ve had to take your dog for a walk on a cold Saturday morning.  I warned him that he was going to be sorely disappointed when his paws were wet upon hitting the pavement, but he insisted.  Afterall, he’s a dog and though it’s debatable, he doesn’t speak English.  Having nearly been blown away by the blustery wind and cursing my flimsy umbrella, we made it safely back inside where I decided to stay… for the rest of the weekend.

Though some tempting offers were thrown out, none were alluring enough to coax me from my cozy apartment.  That’s when it hit me.  Nesting season has begun and the brief magic of fall has come crashing down as fast as the fallen leaves.  Plans will begin to dwindle until we all become hibernating animals slumbering until spring, so you may as well feather your nest and get comfortable.


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Setting the Mood: The Hunt for Halloween

high fashion halloweenAs I sit here sorting out the sordid details for this upcoming Friday with friends amidst racking my brain for costume ideas that will prevent me from running around the city like a true life Halloween nightmare come Friday afternoon, it occurs to me that I have a real love/hate relationship with this so called “holiday.”  While I love any excuse to dress up, craft a costume, and execute a theme,  I loathe the overall emphasis placed on one sole evening.  The sheer amount of pressure put upon crafting a costume that’s sexy but not slutty, creative but not crass, timeless but not trite can be downright daunting.  Not to mention that the past several years for me have been the equivalent to not having a midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve (something I’m also all too familiar with).  Last year, instead of spending the morning doing squats in anticipation of squeezing myself into spandex, I had a rather disruptive row with my then beau, but I probably did burn a few calories dodging inanimate objects and the crying left me looking like the walking dead.  The year before that I had gotten dressed and even made it out the door before deciding to ditch after having spent twenty minutes in the unseasonable cold trying to catch a cab.  And the year prior, I doused myself in fake blood to freak out the four trick or treaters who actually bothered to show up at our Silicon Valley doorstep.  That’s why this year, rather than gunning for the blue ribbon for best in show, I’ll relegate the heavy lifting to creative accessories because heaven knows I own enough leotards, legwear, and lofty ideas to do just that.  So, if you, too, are looking to avoid dropping dough on costumery crafted from potentially flammable fabric, try accenting something simple with bold accessories in the form of headbands, hats, or handbags.  You could always make your very own lace bunny/cat/mouse ears (DIY tutorial here).

halloween fashion hair

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