girl and dogI have never been shy in pronouncing my love for my main man, Smitty.  To say the “cat is out of the bag” would seem a little ridiculous.  So, I’m not saying that (even though I just did).  What I am saying is that my sidekick of nearly six years has been more loyal than some friends and certainly more loyal than any boyfriend I’ve ever had.  To say we are inseparable would be a bit of an understatement.  Although I’ve been away from him for over a week and feel as if my heart may be missing.  For that, I spoil him in anyway I can; whether it be a belly rub or some delicious home baked treats.

girl and her dogI’ve mentioned making pupcakes for my beloved pooch once before, but this time we’ve got a full blown tutorial.  Sure, sure, you could shell out an astronomical $2.50 a pop at Sprinkles, but as delicious as their K9 treats may be… they’re missing one very important ingredient:  your love.  Sweet, I know.  Don’t get used to it.

Anyway, these are very easy to make and are safe for your pooch to eat.  Just don’t overindulge the little guy/girl… we all know what a cupcake hangover feels like.   Not good.

Bow wow wow.

So, it’s up to you again.  What shall we “How To” next week?