You guys voted and “how to flirt” won by a landslide.Watch the “How To” video below to go from social outcast to belle of the ball:

  • DO always look your best: You will attract more flies with honey. Be sure to present yourself in a positive way. Look clean and coiffed before heading out. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a shirt cut down to your ankles, but put a little effort into your look.
  • DO ask a playful question: Engage your target mate. Ask something lighthearted and fun. Don’t ask him something too personal (like his bank account number).
  • DO break the touch barrier: Give a playful pat on the arm or a touch his shoulder. Don’t get carried away though. No need to be too forward. That’s what strippers are for.
  • DO give a polite compliment: Guys are sometimes as shy and insecure as we are. Give him a little ego boost and let him know you’re interested.
  • DO play with your hair and act girly: It’s okay to be a bit girly. Guys like a feminine woman, but don’t overdo it and come off looking like a ditz.
  • DO give positive body language: When you face towards your man, you’re showing that you’re engaged and into him. If you turn your back and cross your arms, you are giving the impression of being closed off (and a bitch).

Most importantly, just be yourself and smile. No guy can resist that.

Until next time…