So, thanks to my magnificent colleagues we now know a lot more about cupcakes. We know where to buy them, we know where to go to have them double as a cocktail, and we absolutely know what to do with them if they become a gift gone horribly wrong…eat them. Now, I have to do my part and help you decorate these delicious treats.

First, you have to think about why you’re making the cupcakes in the first place. Are they for a party? Does the party have a theme? Does the party have a guest of honor? If there is a theme, what is it and how can you add to it? If there is a guest of honor, how can you honor them with your baked goods?


If I were going to bake cupcakes for WhyInGayHell, they would without a doubt be rainbow. He’s gay, people – it makes sense.



Think about the person that you’re baking for and their personality. Try to capture them with your cupcakes!

For a baby shower, keep it simple and sweet. No need to over do it with “baby stuff.” They’re cupcakes – they’re cute enough as is. I love the idea of keeping  it monochromatic and clean.



Another super cute and super easy way to personalized cupcakes is with sprinkles.  All you have to do is go to Michaels, grab some stencils and go to town.

snowflake stencil cupcakes.JPG

I will leave you with some words of wisdom. When in doubt – spell it out.


Thanks, Martha.

Now I am a sap and this is actually how one of my friends proposed. Sorry Marc…


Here are a few more creative ways to decorate your cupcakes. The key is to think outside the box (or pan).




Now go make your own creative cupcake conctions and send me pictures!!

Lady Malkin’s Tip of the Week: To keep cupcakes moist, the freezer is your friend. The refrigerator is not! Freeze cupcakes and let thaw 20 minutes before serving.