Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I spent it with the folks in good ol’ Waterloo, Illinois.  Most people’s response when I tell them where my father’s side of the family is from is always, “Oh, Waterloo! That’s that song by Abba”… NO friends, this is not the same Waterloo, far from it. The Waterloo I visited is one that mainly consists of farms, beer and a local Wal-Mart. Basically it’s a “Why Did You Wear That?” field day.

Anyways, on the flight over I had the pleasure of picking up the new ELLE with my lover, Lady Gaga on the cover. I have been waiting for the right time to share my Gaga obsession with you. I think the woman is AMAZING and have been known to get in Facebook arguments with people just to defend her.  Although I have never met her, I KNOW if we met,  we would be instant friends, so I dedicate this post to my future BFF Lady Gaga!

gaga elle

I absolutely loved how Joe Zee styled her. Unfortunately, I don’t have $640 for Vivienne Westwood velvet combat boots right now, so I decided to find some looks that I thought “could” have been part of the shoot.

I found a GREAT new vintage site that had several items that would have fit in perfectly. It’s called ShopNastyGal.

They sell an amazing selection of vintage clothes, accessories, bags- you name it.  They also have a section with new items that still embody the vintage look we all love so much. The models are adorable and the styling is great. Kudos to the owner of  Shop Nasty Gal!

Below are a few looks I “pulled” that I thought would have been a good fit for my girl, Gaga:


Incognito Shades, $48


Majorette Sweetheart Dress, $78


White Fox Tapered Vest, $390


Same Edelman Zoe Boot, $320


Teardrop Sequin Silk Top, $118


Funktional Caged in Dress, $98

Just in case that was not enough Lady G for you, check out the behind the scenes video of the shoot for Elle: